Pig suede Cappuchino

DKK 370.00

Pig suede Cappuchino


Pig suede is light and dense, and with intact grain on backside, it is suitable for all types of garments.  Only big averaged skins are chosen, and only deep and vibrant colors are accepted for our collection.

Pig suede is 0,6 mm thick, and firm to the touch. Pig suede is the perfect choice for lining in exclusive handbags.


Pig suede is made on selected raw skins from Asia, and dressed and finished in South Korea.



Pig suede is tanned with a chromium base and complies to REACH legislation


Pig suede is available in 22 colors from stock. If you need samples, we send them day to day, free of charge, just request by phone or email.


You can read more about leather under our All about leather section


  • Made in South Korea
  • Raw material Korean / Japanese
  • 0,6 mm
  • 14 sqft/skin
  • Average 110 cm long / 90 cm wide
  • Should make 100×80 cm cutting
  • Dry cleaning only
  • euro 49,60/skin

Some average consumption guidelines:

  • SKIRT – 1-2 skins
  • SHIRT – 2 skins
  • JACKET – 2-3 skins
  • TROUSERS – 2-3 skins